Digges, Sarah



I'm very excited to get to know you this school year.  2017-2018 is my first year to the North Shore School 区 and I'm excited to be a Falcon!  Previously I was working in Shanghai, China at the Shanghai American School.  Before Shanghai, I was in Seoul Korea working at the Korean International School but my humble beginnings began in Las Vegas, where I worked at a small high school called Global 社区 HS.  As you can probably guess, I LOVE to travel and see as many cool things as possible and meet as many interesting people as I can and of course be inspired by the rich diversity in our world.  What brought me to WA state was a desire to be close to family.  I have two little daughters and a step-son who is going into 9th grade. My husband and I wanted them to get a chance to play in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and hang out with grandparents, aunts & uncles and cousins.

作为一个美术老师,我相信你可以通过艺术创作改进你的思维和性格。创作过程:集思广益,规划,试验,创造和体现,是一个功能强大的这个过程可以应用到生活的许多领域,而不仅仅是艺术。越多,你得到一个机会练习做的时候,越有信心,你会在开发自己的想法成为。 ESTA技能将有助于你在你未来的职业生涯无论你成为一个创新者,发明家,科学家或任何奇怪的新的职业生涯将等待你在毕业时因为从本质上讲,创作的过程是解决问题的一种形式! 




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